A Review of the Enzymes Secreted from Fungi and Evaluation of their Range of Commercial Applications.

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Kereluik, Mckenzie
The following report aims to demonstrate the significance of enzymes that are secreted from across all fungi. The enzymes under evaluation will be introduced and the importance of their environmental applications will be established. Then a survey will be produced to rank the enzymes in accordance to the taxonomically ordered fungi they are affiliated with. This survey will be discussed and referenced throughout the report to establish a relationship between phylogeny and societal applications. The enzymes will then be categorized based on their ability to be applied commercially as well as their methods of secretion, ability to be cultured, stability, pathogenic nature and potential for genetic modification. The purpose of identifying and evaluating these enzymes will be to gain a better understanding of their functions in modern biotechnology and how they can be used to help the environment. Then the results of the categorizations will be discussed and interpreted to draw conclusions regarding climate change applications. By combining biotechnological methods of research with environmental applications, this survey is presented in a way that is readily interpretable in guiding future scientific investigations.
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