Planning for Pot:Incorporating the Production of Medical Marihuana Into the Zoning Bylaw of the District of West Kelowna

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Chabot, Bailey
MMPR , Zoning , Medical marihuana , West Kelowna , Land use planning , ALC
In June 2013, Health Canada enacted the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR), legislation that changed the way medical marihuana is grown and distributed. As MMPR legislation is federal, all Canadian municipalities must allow medical marihuana production facilities or be prepared to prove that residents still have reasonable access to medical marihuana. This research was aimed at determining how best to incorporate a medical marihuana land use into the zoning bylaw of the District of West Kelowna, British Columbia. Three questions were posed: 1. In which zone, if any, is the production of medical marihuana most appropriate?; 2. If an existing zone is not appropriate, what would a new zone for the production of medical marihuana include?; and, 3. Within the District of West Kelowna, which areas would be most appropriate to be included in this new medical marihuana zone?.
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