Die Drool and Polymer Degradation

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Hoy, Geoffrey S.
Giacomin, A. Jeffrey
Gilbert, Peter H.
Die drool , Slip heating , Cohesive slip , Polymer degradation , Scission
Die drool is an operational problem associated with polymer extrusion. Extrudate collects outside of the die, necessitating periodic disruptions for cleaning. There exists some debate as to the mechanism that produces die drool: stress induced fractionation or thermal degradation. This paper examines the latter. In cohesive failure, a slip discontinuity develops in the velocity profile, where heat is generated by friction. This slip heating can contribute to resin degradation, resulting in lower molecular weight fragments in the die drool. This paper examines the kinetics of this degradation, its influence on die drool rates, and on the resulting polymer concentration profiles in the drool layer and in the bulk.
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