An Investigation of Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data and Multi-Band Scaling Relations of Spiral Galaxies

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Hall, Melanie
Galaxies , Astronomy , Photometry , Tully-Fisher
We have compiled a large sample of 3041 spiral galaxies with multi-band $gri$ photometry from the the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) Data Release 7 archive. We compare our own extracted photometry with data products provided through the SDSS pipeline algorithms. This comparison benefits from an extensive compilation of galaxy rotational velocities, $V$, derived from HI linewidths. Galaxy sizes and luminosities can thus be compared against an unbiased and independent metric. We find the SDSS radial ($R$), and luminous, ($L$), data products to be unreliable for the construction of tight scaling relations of $R$ and $L$ with velocity ($V$). We use our own robust scaling parameters to yield the tightest $VRL$ relations possible. We further compile the largest scaling relation of galaxy baryonic mass (stars + gas) with velocity to find that the relation is not tighter, and thus no more significant, than the luminous $VL$ relation.
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