Enabling Indoor Location-based Services Using Ultrasound

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Javed, Tayyab
ultrasound data communication , LBS , localization , audio data encoding , ultrasound , indoor LBS
In the context of location, large amounts of information are available on the Internet to be accessed by people via different devices. However, at times people have to manually search and access it. If the space where location-based services are available can be identified by hand-held devices, people can be prompted with services available around them. This thesis explores the use of ultrasound as a communication medium to tag such spaces and access location-based services with the related information; and demonstrates the indoor implementation of the prototype of a location-based services enabling system for hand-held devices. This system allows users to search and access the available services in their surroundings through their hand-held devices. A beacon generator placed in the service location broadcasts a service code mappable to the services particular to that location encoded in an ultrasound signal. The hand-held device can identify this signal and prompt the user with available services. System design and architecture is demonstrated and the viability of the system is tested through a variety of environments and scenarios showing that potentially this has both a wide range of applications and can enhance the way people access location-based services.
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