Scoping Review Protocol: Mapping Psilocybin Therapy Research

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Shore, Ron
Ioudovski, Paul
McKeown, Sandra
Dumont, Eric
Goldie, Craig
psilocybin , psychedelics , clinical trial , mental health therapy , addiction , depression , scoping review
Objective: By understanding the patients selected, the interventions used, and the outcomes noted for psilocybin-assisted therapies, we may better understand the program variables and best practices of these emerging treatments. This scoping review will extract, review and chart data related to psilocybin-assisted therapy in three domains. 1. Patients — cohort size, presenting conditions, 2. Interventions — location, dosage, ancillary services 3. Outcomes — changes, indications, conclusions Through librarian-conducted literature searches and defined inclusion criteria, the relevant number of internationally published, peer-reviewed academic articles in addition to grey area literature will be identified, and the findings charted to identify the current state of both the literature and this treatment modality.
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