Towards unsupervised filtering of millimetre-wave radar returns for autonomous vehicle road following

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Sacoransky, Dean
Marshall, Joshua A.
Hashtrudi-Zaad, Keyvan
radar , autonomous vehicles , path following , unsupervised learning , filtering
Path planning and localization in low-light and inclement weather conditions are critical problems facing autonomous vehicle systems. Our proposed method applies a single modality, millimetre-wave radar perception system for the detection of roadside retro-reflectors. Radar-based perception tasks can be challenging to perform due to the sparse and noisy nature of radar data. We propose the use of an unsupervised learning approach for filtering radar point clouds through Density-Based Spatial Clustering of Applica- tions with Noise (DBSCAN). The DBSCAN algorithm segments retro-reflector points from noise points, thus providing the autonomous vehicle with a predicted path for the road ahead. We tested the approach via indoor experiments that make use of Continental’s ARS 408 radar, a mobile Husky A2000 robot, and a Vicon motion capture system for ground truth validation. The experimental results of the proposed system demonstrated a classification accuracy of 84.13 % and F1 score of 83.71 %.
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