A Review of the Literature: the Impacts of Parental Illness on Adolescent Schooling

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Di Placito, Maria Lucia
Parental Illness , Adolescent Schooling , Mental Health , Education
There is a dearth of studies that consider the impacts of parental illness specifically on engagement and achievement levels of adolescents in school. This literature review presents the knowledge and ideas that have been established in the research on parental illness and adolescent schooling over the last twenty years, and identifies the methodological, conceptual, and theoretical strengths and weaknesses that surface in this area of study. A noteworthy observation from this review is that greater qualitative-based research designs are needed in this area of study, as this can allow for a more in-depth and personalized understanding on the impacts of parental illness. The overall intention of this review is to lay the groundwork for devising, improving, and implementing multiple pathways and hypothesis for future studies to consider. Assuming a variety of research directions and taking into consideration the limitations that are currently present (such as the shortcomings outlined in this review) would certainly lead to both theoretical/scholarly and practical benefits.
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