Active Damping of LCL Filter Resonance for a Single Phase Grid-Connected Distributed Power Generation System

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Zou, Benyu
Proportional Resonant Control , LCL Filter Resonance , DPGS , VSCs , Active Damping , Notch Filter
This Master of Applied Science thesis presents an inverter control system design and implementation with active damping of LCL filter resonance for a single phase grid-connected Distributed Power Generation (DPGS). The focus of the thesis is to actively damp the LCL filter resonance while keeping inverter control variables well regulated. The mathematical model of the LCL filter is analyzed and the filter is designed. Then, a PLL, and a PI compensator in the synchronous reference frame, and a PR compensator in stationary reference frame along a notch filter in cascade are designed and implemented. System level simulation and implementation are conducted. The idea of systematic applying the low loss power conversion topology, effective grid condition detection, grid synchronization, and advanced signal processing theory provides some advantages for single phase grid-connected inverter control design to meet the standard specifications of the interaction between the DPGS and utility grid.
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