Conflict Archaeology and Classics: Reconstructing the Roman Sieges of La Cloche, Monte Bernorio, and Gamla

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Tavakkoli, Ramtin
Conflict archaeology , La Cloche , Gamla , Monte Bernorio , Sieges , The Roman army
Conflict archaeology is a new and emerging subdiscipline of archaeology concerned with the study of battlefields, sieges, as well as other conflict-related phenomena. Despite its relative youth, this discipline has already shown potential benefits that it could bring to the sphere of classical studies, which is perhaps most evident in recent work carried out on siege sites. This paper aims to further illustrate the utility of conflict archaeology in the field of classics by reconstructing the chronology of three sieges sites. These sites (La Cloche, Monte Bernorio, and Gamla) were directly assaulted by the Roman army in military campaigns during the late Republic and early Principate. As a result, a substantial amount of material was embedded into the archaeological record after the Roman conquest of these sites. The body of this work will examine these artefactual assemblages, along with topographical, and literary evidence in order to outline the three different phases of these sieges (the preparatory stage, the assault, and urban combat) and determine what the evidence can tell us about the tactics utilized by the Romans and their opponents.
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