Reading Together While Remote: Upgrading Your Course Reserves and Copyright Compliance Systems During a Pandemic

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Swartz, Mark
Soini, Nathalie
Calhoun, Erin
Slaght, Graeme
Over the last year, two academic library systems at the University of Toronto and at Queen's University migrated two different existing course reserves software to Ex Libris' Leganto platform, which enables library staff to efficiently provide library resources to support learning by closely integrating with a library's service platform. In one case, migrating to this modernized platform took over a year of preparations; in the other, the migration was accomplished very rapidly. In each case, this migration included reviewing data, updating workflows and brought together colleagues from all areas of the library system and networks to provide support and assist in planning, testing, and delivering services on the new platform for the 2021 academic year. This panel will include key stakeholders in the migration process from the two libraries who will provide reflections on growing (or dropping) existing workflows, gathering information and support, and evaluating the outcomes and benefits of migrating to a new platform. The varied perspectives will share insight on the different levels of service volume, data migration and testing, setting configurations, and providing outreach and training to faculty and staff.
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