Powerplay in the Classroom: A Module Designed to Combat Authority Abuse

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Cumming, Robert
Authority, Bullying, Teachers, Education
Bullying has received much attention among researchers; however, the research produced has predominantly involved peer bullying. This project addressed the issue of authority abuse in schools by teachers, an area of research that is currently limited. The reviewed literature demonstrated a need for a program that would educate pre-service teachers and provide an opportunity for self-reflection. What resulted was the development of a module called ‘Power Play’, which provides teachers with an opportunity to reflect on their teaching philosophy and teaching styles. Also, the module stresses the importance of maintaining a balanced life-style and provides information on effective stress management. The module was presented on three separate occasions to pre-service educators. The feedback received has prompted future changes to the Power Play module. The core message of the project is that teachers must take care of themselves if they hope to be effective educators in the classroom.
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