These Stations were Made for Walking

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House, Kevin
Rapid Transit Stations , Pedestrian Facilities
This report focuses on pedestrian-oriented design considerations as they relate to rapid transit station facilities. BC Transit, the provider of transit services across British Columbia (excluding Vancouver), and the Capital Regional District, have jointly initiated the Victoria Regional Rapid Transit Project (VRRTP) with the intent of establishing a high quality rapid transit corridor between Victoria’s Downtown and the Westshore. To date, the VRRTP has established a preferred alignment along the Trans-Canada Highway but has not chosen the technology (LRT or BRT) or station locations & design. The need for better integration between new transit investment and pedestrian requirements is established within BC Transit’s 2030 Strategic Plan Shaping Our Future. This report supports the action item of leveraging new transit station investment to better integrate pedestrian facilities and to ensure their needs are considered during station design. By determining what design features make a rapid transit station pedestrian-friendly this report will be able to establish a set of recommended design guidelines for BC Transit to consider when designing station-areas for the VRRTP. This study will therefore seek to establish: 1) What station-area design features are critical for establishing a pedestrian-oriented rapid transit facility? 2) What recommended guidelines can an analysis of the four case study stations and pedestrian-oriented facility design literature offer BC Transit in designing its own rapid transit facilities in Victoria?
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