Co-simulation Environment for Modeling Networked Cyber-Physical Systems

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Alharthi, Mohannad
Co-simulation , Network Simulation , Modeling and Simulation
Cyber-physical systems (CPSs) represent a new generation of engineered systems that tightly integrates computations, communications (cyber) and physics. Simulation plays a considerable role in validating CPSs as it substantially reduces the costs and risks in the design-testing cycles. Reliable simulations, however, mandate realistic modeling for both the cyber and the physical aspects. This is especially the case in various networked mobile CPSs (e.g., excavation robots and vehicular networks), where cost and risk may become substantial. Current CPS modeling tools lack complete models of communication. Co-simulation attempts to overcome this limitation by integrating multiple modeling and simulation tools to offer complete models of all aspects of CPSs. In this thesis, we design and implement a co-simulation environment for modeling and simulating networked CPSs. The environment is called AcumenNS3 and it integrates Acumen, a language for modeling hybrid physical systems, with NS-3, a discrete-event network simulator. This environment allows users to augment network simulations with physical models using an easy-to-use modeling language. It provides a seamless integration between network and physics models by providing mobility based on the physical simulation in addition to generic access to the physical state. Using the AcumenNS3 environment, we demonstrate and model example simulation scenarios of networked CPSs.
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