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  • Decreation for the Anthropocene 

    Lawson, Kathryn
    This dissertation places the philosophy of Simone Weil into conversation with contemporary environmental concerns in that epoch sometimes referred to as the Anthropocene. Weil’s work has been influential in many fields, ...
  • Tail Asymptotics for the Limiting Distribution of Theta Sums 

    Osman, Tariq
    We define theta sums to be exponential sums of the form S_{N}(x; \alpha, \beta) := \sum_{n =1}^{N} e((\tfrac{1}{2} n^2 + \beta n)x + \alpha n), where e(z) = e^{2 \pi i z}. If \alpha and \beta are fixed rational numbers, ...
  • Students at Work: Care work, Neoliberalism, and Survival in Precarious Times 

    Shi, Angela
    This research project examines the time use of undergraduate students at Queen’s University, a public university located on Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee land in Ontario, Canada, with a focus on how much time they devote ...
  • Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Prevalent in Septic Tanks and Groundwater Resources 

    Azani, Rayane (2022)
    The persistence and spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria have increased in various water environments, including groundwater. Hospital settings, agriculture, and anthropogenic activities are very relevant as their ...
  • Distributed Newton-Seeking for Resource Allocation 

    Schultz, Matt
    Real-time optimization (RTO) is a category of closed-loop process control techniques that is focused on the improvement of process performance. To develop effective strategies, models of the systems are usually required. ...

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