Letter to Miss Anne Ingham congratulating her on her engagement: March 11th 1892

Miss Ingham,
Castle Lodge,
March 11/92

Atheneum Club,
Pall Mall S. W.

My very dear Sister Annie,

                                         It is a shame of me to have been so long in writing to congratulate you on your happiness. But the truth is that I have been rendered so much the reverse of happy by constant headaches and no less constant accumulation of work, that, short of what has been absolutely necessary, my correspondence has been allowed to drop.

           Today, however, I find myself suddenly called to London - on business with the G. O. M. of all men in the world, in order to fix date, subject, etc., for his lecture at Oxford.  I have just been lunching with him and Mrs. G. round the corner, and now have an hour with nothing to do till the train starts at Paddington. So I will utilize it by trying to show that my delay in writing to you has not been due to the want of appropriate sentiments.

            That one of your experience has made a good choice it would be hard to doubt, and therefore it is not to be expected that your life henceforth will be other than a happy one. Long may it last and never may your newer ties tend to loosen those older ones, which have been so closely drawn between you and your most affectionate


Transcript made by DRF and Joan Westmacott from original letter in possession of Joan Westmacott, September 29th 2001.