• Confidence Building Strategies Used by High-Level Rowing Coaches 

      Sedgwick, Whitney A.; Côté, Jean; Dowd, A. Justine (1998-09-01)
      Presents a summary of the article `Confidence Building Strategies Used by High-Level Rowing Coaches,' by W.A. Sedgwick, J. Cote and J. Dowd which appeared in the 1997 issue of the journal `AVANTE.'
    • Effects of Social Belonging and Task Framing on Exercise Cognitions and behavior 

      Dowd, A. Justine; Schmader, Toni; Sylvester, Benjamin D.; Jung, Mary E.; Zumbo, Bruno D.; Martin, Luc J.; Beauchamp, Mark R. (2016-04-25)
      The objective of the studies presented in this paper was to examine whether the need to belong can be used to enhance exercise cognitions and behavior. Two studies examined the effectiveness of framing exercise as a means ...
    • Perceived Variety, Psychological Needs Satisfaction and Exercise-Related Well-Being 

      Sylvester, Benjamin D.; Standage, Martyn; Dowd, A. Justine; Martin, Luc J.; Sweet, Shane N.; Beauchamp, Mark R. (2016-04-14)
      Objective: Perceived variety represents a psychosocial experience that gives rise to, and supports the maintenance of, an individual’s well-being. In this study, we developed an instrument to measure perceived variety in ...