• Current Canadian Issues Explored through a Historical Lens 

      Bartholomew, Maria J.; Howes, John D. (2015-04-25)
      Lesson 1: (p.1-11) The History of Canadian Hockey and its Reflection of Canadian Nationalism and Identity. (Students will develop an understanding of the relationship between monumental historical hockey events and the ...
    • Hockey Night in Canada Year in Review, 2015 

      Angus Reid Institute (Angus Reid Institute, 2015)
      This study looks at how Canadians feel Hockey Night in Canada with George Stromboulopoulos now in its second season.
    • Hockey Night in Canada, 2014 

      Angus Reid Institute (2016-10-12)
      This survey examines Canadian’s opinion of the new Hockey Night in Canada format and on the role of hockey in Canadian society and culture.
    • Systematic Observation of Ice Hockey Referees During Games 

      Trudel, Pierre; Côté, Jean; Sylvestre, F. (2016-06-06)
      A study analyzed the behaviors of eight youth ice hockey referees during 15 different games. The results support the potential educational role that referees can have during games.
    • Systematic Observation of Youth Ice Hockey Coaches During Games 

      Trudel, Pierre; Côté, Jean; Bernard, Danz (2016-06-06)
      The behaviors of youth ice hockey coaches during games are examined using the Coaches Observation System for Games. This tool identifies 16 types of coach behaviors and eight targets of such behaviors. Findings reveal that ...