• Pédagogie Sportive et Conditions D'Apprentissage 

      Trudel, Pierre; Côté, Jean (2016-06-07)
      In the last few years, studies in sport pedagogy have supplied data on the learning conditions provided to young athletes during training sessions and games. From the results of these studies, we learned that, in general, ...
    • Systematic Observation of Ice Hockey Referees During Games 

      Trudel, Pierre; Côté, Jean; Sylvestre, F. (2016-06-06)
      A study analyzed the behaviors of eight youth ice hockey referees during 15 different games. The results support the potential educational role that referees can have during games.
    • Systematic Observation of Youth Ice Hockey Coaches During Games 

      Trudel, Pierre; Côté, Jean; Bernard, Danz (2016-06-06)
      The behaviors of youth ice hockey coaches during games are examined using the Coaches Observation System for Games. This tool identifies 16 types of coach behaviors and eight targets of such behaviors. Findings reveal that ...