• Operational Stress Injuries and the Mental Health and Well-Being of Veteran Spouses: A Scoping Review 

      Norris, Deborah; Eichler, Maya; Cramm, Heidi; Tam-Seto, Linna; Smith-Evans, Kimberley (2018)
      This article presents the results of a scoping review of literature focusing on the relationship between operational stress injuries (OSIs) in military veterans and spousal mental health and well-being. Using elements of ...
    • Toward a Model of Military Family Resiliency: A Narrative Review 

      Cramm, Heidi; Norris, Deborah; Venedam, Stephanie; Tam-Seto, Linna (2018)
      Over the years, the construct of resilience has been increasing in complexity, indicated by the lack of consensus in its definition, operationalization, and measurement. Resiliency in military families is of particular ...
    • War and Family Life 

      Cramm, Heidi; Norris, Deborah (2018-05-17)
      Book review for War and Family Life; the latest in Springer's Risk and Resilience in Military and Veteran Families series.