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    David, Voila (2018)
    As Canadian classrooms become more diversified, there is a rising need to train mainstream classroom teachers to provide adequate support to English language learners (ELLs). Despite the extensive previous research and ...
  • Quality participation experiences in the physical activity domain: Perspectives of veterans with a physical disability 

    Shirazipour, CH; Evans, MB; Caddick, N; Smith, B; Aiken, AB; Ginis, KAM; Latimer-Cheung, AE
    Objectives: An important consideration for physical activity (PA) participation for individuals with a physical disability, including veterans, is that opportunities exist for full participation. Full participation can be ...
  • Advancing the Evidence Base in Rehabilitation for Military Personnel and Veterans 

    Groome, PA; Aiken, AB; Mahar, AL; Kurdyak, P; Whitehead, M
    This study was financially supported by donations from the True Patriot Love Foundation, the Kingston Brewing Company CIMVHR T-Shirt Campaign, and a donation from Queen's Medical School Class of 2017 in the memory of Sgt ...
  • Mental Health Services Use Trends in Canadian Veterans: A Population-Based Retrospective Cohort Study in Ontario 

    Mahar, AL; Aiken, AB; Cramm, H; Whitehead, M; Groome, P; Kurdyak, P
    Objective: A substantial evidence base in the peer-reviewed literature exists investigating mental illness in the military, but relatively less is documented about mental illness in veterans. This study uses provincial, ...
  • Test of qspace (September 2018) 

    Stephen Z Beauregard
  • Sample Article 

    Stephen Z Beauregard; Emily Louise Harmsen; Jonathan R Duckworth (2018-03-01)
  • Sample Article 

    Stephen Z Beauregard; Emily Louise Harmsen; Jonathan R Duckworth (2018-03-01)
  • Annunciation 

    Francesco di Valdambrino
    Francesco di Valdambrino, Jacopo della Quercia, and other Sienese artists made many of these pairs of large (almost life-size) statues of the Angel Gabriel and the Virgin Mary, possibly to stand in niches on either side ...
  • Innocents 

    Andrea della Robbia
    These glazed terracotta depictions of babies in various degrees of swaddling were made to fit the pre-existing roundels in Brunelleschi's famous Renaissance loggia of the Ospedale degli Innocenti. The babies are the Innocents ...
  • Crucifix 

    Over a century after this crucifix was made (c. 1408), Vasari recounted an anecdote about this crucifix. The tale goes that when Brunelleschi saw this crucifix, he said that Christ looked like a farmer. Donatello challenged ...
  • Frieze at the Villa Medici at Poggio a Caiano 

    Bertoldo di Giovanni and Andrea Sansovino, attributed to
    Lorenzo de'Medici commissioned the villa at Poggio a Caiano from Giuliano da Sangallo around 1485. This glazed terracotta frieze, commissioned around 1490, was originally located on the entablature of the façade's portico. ...
  • Virgin and Child with Saints Cosmas and Damian 

    Andrea della Robbia
    This glazed terracotta altarpiece by Andrea della Robbia was commissioned by Francesco Sassetti for his chapel in the Badia Fiesolana. The reconstruction of the Badia was financed by Cosimo de' Medici and completed in 1466. ...
  • Christ in the Sepulchre, Adored by Saints and Angels 

    Andrea della Robbia and workshop
    This glazed terracotta altarpiece adorns a side altar in the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli at the Franciscan sanctuary of La Verna. At the center of the image is the dead Christ in the sepulchre, whose limp body is ...
  • Crucifix 

    Benedetto Buglioni
    This glazed terracotta Crucifix, installed over the high altar of the church of San Miniato al Monte, is attributed to Benedetto Buglioni by Marquand and Gentilini. It bears the hallmarks of Buglioni's style and can be ...
  • The Nativity with Saints Francis and Anthony of Padua 

    Andrea della Robbia and workshop
    This glazed terracotta altarpiece of the Nativity adorns a side altar in the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli at the Franciscan sanctuary of La Verna. The Christ Child, in the center of the image, is adored by the Virgin ...
  • Madonna della Cintola 

    Andrea della Robbia
    The oldest church at the sanctuary of La Verna was begun in 1216, when the Virgin, together with Saints John the Evangelist and John the Baptist, is said to have appeared to Saint Francis in a vision and instructed him to ...
  • Madonna del Rifugio (Virgin and Child Enthroned with Saints Onuphrius, Anthony Abbot, Mary Magdalene, and Francis) 

    Workshop of Andrea della Robbia
    The altarpiece is known as the Madonna del Rifugio because of the words in the predella, a portion of an ancient prayer to the Virgin that describes the protection, or refuge, Christians seek in the holy mother of God. The ...
  • Stemma of the Arte della Lana 

    Workshop of Andrea della Robbia
    In 1432, Pope Eugenius IV placed the Observant monastery of La Verna under the protection of the Florentine wool guild, the Arte della Lana. Four members of this powerful guild were chosen as conservators, who had the ...
  • Madonna and Child 

    Workshop of Andrea della Robbia
    This glazed terracotta tondo of the Virgin and Child is attributed to the workshop of Andrea della Robbia and dates to around 1490-95. It was donated to the monastery of La Verna in 1929 by Countess Bastoggi of Valenzano ...
  • Saint Francis 

    Andrea della Robbia
    This glazed terracotta relief of Saint Francis, by Andrea della Robbia, is found in the Chiesa Maggiore of La Verna. The sculpture is on the left side of the arch around the high altar, and therefore would have complemented ...

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