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    • Focus on Power Struggles and the Social History of the “Roaring Twenties” 

      Tanner, Lindsay; Mustard, Katherine (2014-07-28)
    • The French Revolution 

      Fotheringham, Erica (2014-07-28)
    • The French Revolution and the Creation of Democracy 

      Zaremba, Katylyn; DeKlerk, Derek (2014-01-20)
      The French Revolution and the Creation of Democracy
    • French Revolution Unit Plan 

      Kinsman, Katie; Hummel, Anni; Franco, Erika; Sylvester, Morgan (2017-05-09)
      Though global exploration brought great economic and demographic changes to Europe, the centuries-old feudal social structure that had reigned during the Middle Ages largely remained in place. By the late 18th century, ...
    • French Revolution: Liberté, égalité, fraternité 

      Andrejciw, Randall; Billings, Dylan; Christensen, Nicole; Mendelson, Sarah (2017-05-09)
      This unit plan is designed as a part of the grade twelve academic course, “World History Since the Fifteenth Century.” This unit discusses the French Revolution, from the problems of Louis XIV’s reign that contributed ...
    • Grade 10 Canadian History Since World War I, Academic (CHC2D) Resource Pack 

      Cathcart, Jordan; Macdonald, Rebecca; McCartney, Allison; Shannon, Vince (2015-04-25)
    • The Great War 1914-1918 

      Warner, Melissa; MacLean, Nathan (2015-04-25)
      Key events and focuses of World War One centered around the big six historical thinking concepts; Lessons include identifying evidence, comparing and contrasting documentation, creating a propaganda poster, identifying ...
    • Groups involved in WWII: Their roles and how they were impacted 

      Brewer, Jessica (2014-07-21)
      WWII was marked by increasing tensions between groups within Canada and between Canada and other countries. This set of 8 lessons/activities will take a closer look at these groups and how they effected change and were ...
    • The Halifax Explosion 

      Conklin, Michelle; O’Boyle, Éadaoin (2014-07-28)
    • Historical events 1929-1945: the stock market crash, women during WW2, Japanese Internment and the Holocaust. 

      Clyde, Marina; Dillon, Shannon; McCloskey, Quinn (2017-03-13)
      This resource pack analyzes a few of the historical events occurring during 1929-1945 using continuity and change, cause and consequence, historical significance and historical perspectives. These four lessons attempt ...
    • Historical Perspectives of the Holocaust Resource Pack 

      Koebel, Brandon; Thurgood, Emily; Villemaire, Scott (2015-04-19)
      This resource toolkit is intended to be used with the Grade 10 Applied, Canadian History since World War 1 (CHC2P). The toolkit provides six separate lessons focusing on the “Big Six” found in Peter Seixas’ “The Big Six ...
    • History on Trial: Louis Riel and the 1885 North-West Rebellion 

      Woods, Sarah; Huang, Nicolette (2014-07-21)
      The teacher’s guide provides a selection of individual lessons for teachers to use in the classroom. Each lesson includes learning objectives, focus questions, approximate timeframe, keywords, background information, ...
    • Holocaust Historical Thinking Concepts 

      Hundeck, Ashley; Trethewey, Caileigh (2014-07-21)
      This unit is designed to teach grade 10 Canadian history students about the Holocaust during World War II through a variety of activities. The unit is comprised of 8 lessons that are based around the big six historical ...
    • Immigrating to Canada: Discovering the Treatment of Immigrants in the Early Twentieth Century 

      Booth-Dawson, Brianne; Martin, Chantel (2015-04-25)
      Throughout this Resource Pack, the ideas of Immigration in Canada between 1914 and 1929 have been examined. In the six lessons provided, the concepts of why Immigrants came to Canada during this time, what their immigration ...
    • The Impact of the Holocaust on Canadian Society and on Canadians’ Attitudes Towards Human Rights 

      Van Delft, Angela; Elliott, Samantha (2014-01-20)
      Lesson 1: Refugees and Canadian Reactions (Historical Perspectives) Lesson 2: Seeking Refuge In Canada (Historical Significance) Lesson 3: Internment (Cause and Consequence) Lesson 4: Life After Internment (Cause and ...
    • The Impact of World War I 

      Barry, Kaitlin; Stewart, Andrea; Giesbrecht, Jaclyn (2015-04-21)
      This resource pack focuses on the big six concepts of history: Cause and Consequence, Change and Continuity, Historical Significance, Historical Perspective, Ethical Dimension, and Evidence. They will be applied to several ...
    • The Influence of Greek Religion and Mythology 

      Procunier, Brittany; Yeo, Carley (2014-07-24)
      The following 8 lessons will use Peter Sexias’s six critical thinking concepts in conjunction with the Grade 11 History curriculum document in order to understand Greek Religion and the purpose of myth in society. There ...
    • Introduction to Canada in the Second World War 

      Hunter, Nicole (2014-07-21)
    • Is Canada a Peacekeeping Nation? 

      Stevenson, Ryan (2014-01-20)
      The ongoing conflict in Syria has raised many questions about the nature of Canada's international involvement. As this set of 8 lessons in Canadian history intends to demonstrate, this is not the first time that Canadians ...
    • Is Canada a Peacekeeping Nation? A Resource for History Teachers 

      Cressman, Abbey; Carter, Mark; MacNeil, Sarah (2017-05-09)
      Inspired by Canada’s 150th anniversary, we want our students to question and unpack commonly understood tenets of Canadian identity, in particular our national reputation as a peacekeeping country. Our intention is also ...