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    • Canada & the First World War: An Introduction 

      Petronis, Daina; Vranich, Bob (2015-04-20)
      Developing an historical understanding of the twentieth--‐ and twenty--‐first centuries requires, first and foremost, an understanding of the First World War. The root causes of such historically significant events as the ...
    • Canada and the Cold War 

      Smith, Rebecca; Comeau, Belinda; Kissoon, Feriel (2015-04-25)
      This resource pack contains detailed lesson plans and resources for the CHC2D Ontario Curriculum Expectation D.4. These lessons are structured around the 'Big Six' Historical Thinking Principles advocated by Dr Peter Seixas ...

      Lee, Claire; Hoffman, Emma (2015-04-25)
      These lessons seek to engage students with key developments surrounding Canada’s participation in the Cold War and to demonstrate the historical significance that this global conflict held for Canada as a nation. Students ...

      Gardhouse, Jacob; Hanlan, Camille; Hellmann, Dayna; Westecott, Lauren (2018-02-08)
      This resource pack explores the First World War while focusing on the historical thinking concepts of historical perspectives, the ethical dimension, evidence, and historical significance. The first lesson examines primary ...
    • Canada and the Great War 

      Rochon, Marcel; Minutillo, Lisa; Sheahan, Ryan (2015-04-25)
      The following resource pack offers six lessons (and activities within these lessons which may be use independently) that focus on specific historical thinking skills that will foster students' historical mindedness. The ...
    • CANADA AND THE GREAT WAR, 1914 - 1918 

      Danakas, Chelsea; Kang, Melissa; Ng, Melanie (2017-03-13)
      The intent of this resource pack is to provide educators with a collection of engaging lesson plans which allow students to explore how Canada as a nation and Canadians as a people were affected by the First World War, ...
    • Canada and the Holocaust 

      Pitblado, Michael (2015-04-25)
      The lessons in this resource pack are not meant to be taught as a complete unit, but rather as stand-alone lessons that can be utilized CHC2D. The objective is for students to gain a critical understanding of Nazi Germany’s ...
    • Canada and the Holocaust 

      Rossi, Laura (2017-03-13)
      The lessons in this resource pack are designed to be taught as stand-alone lessons that can be used within the CHC2D course. These lessons incorporate curriculum expectations while exploring the historical thinking ...

      Pierce, Abigail; Ambrose, Eden (2017-03-13)
      The purpose of this document is to provide the teacher with a complete resource package of lessons, documents, and tools to implement within the classroom to educate their students on an overall expectation in the Ontario ...
    • Canada and the War, 1939-1945 

      Forsey, Ashley; Mlotek, Courtney (2017-03-13)
      Overview of Lessons: Canadian Contributions to WWII and the Canadian Perspective Wartime Propaganda Japanese Internment and Immigration Policies The Societal Impact of WWII, and the Difficult Ethics of Wartime
    • Canada at War 1939-1945 

      Sequeria, Josh; Apokatanidis, Apostolos Paul (2015-04-25)
      This resource pack will help students uncover a multitude of historical perspectives from Canadians during WWII. Through utilizing the six historical thinking concepts, students will be exposed to the true nature of World ...
    • CANADA AT WAR: The Impact of WWII on Canadian Identity 

      Fairbrass, Jennifer; Bowyer, Jonathan; Maxwell, McKenzie (2015-04-25)
      This resource pack is intended to be used for an Academic Gr. 10 Canadian History Course (CHC2D). This resource pack contains six lessons which include lesson plans, primary resources, and BLMs. Overall, students will ...
    • Canada during the Great Depression 

      Anoushka, Irani; Kenney, Clare (2018-02-08)
      This resource package has been created to engage students in learning Canadas Great depression. Students will explore the stock market crash, cases of the great depression, key political developments and scientific and ...
    • Canada from 1945 to 1982 

      Huot, Carolyne; Tranquilli-Doherty, Rebecca (2015-04-25)
      Have students explore the period between the Second World War and the Constitution Act of 1982. Within this period, students will be able to understand the significance of political and governmental events as well as the ...
    • Canada in the 1920s 

      Mugford, Cassandra; Fragomeni, Natalie (2014-07-22)
    • Canada in the 1920s 

      Flynn, Conlan; McPhee, Rebecca; Parkinson, Nicholas (2015-04-20)
      This lesson series examines the role of events and people that influenced Canadian society and identity in the 1920s by using The Big Six Historical Thinking Concepts by Dr. ...
    • Canada, 1982 to the Present 

      Chan, Olivia; Houston, Emmaline; Perri, Allison (2015-04-25)
      This resource pack of lessons explores a variety of topics affecting Canadian-American relations from 1982 to present. Lesson One works with analyzing the influence of NAFTA and Lesson Two works with analyzing the presence ...
    • CANADA: A Decade in the Life 

      Wong, Yunn; W, M (2017-03-13)
      Students will learn to use the historical inquiry process to understand events, concepts, and themes in Canadian History from 1919 to 1929. Students will learn to analyze historical significance, consequences of past ...
    • Canada: A Woman’s Nation? 

      Soave, Virginia (2015-04-25)
      These six lesson plans focus on the continuous and broad question of the role of women in Canadian History and, moreover, whether Canada ‘is a woman’s nation? These lessons will cover the time frame from 1945 to present ...
    • Canada: History, Identity, and Culture 

      Crawford, Megan (2014-01-20)
      The curriculum expectations for CHI4U include a wide chronological period, with several complex details about Canada’s history. Taking this into consideration, the creator of these lesson plans felt that this course should ...