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      Macaulay, Dan; Norman, Josh; Wartman, Casey (2015-04-25)
      This research package is specifically targeting the Grade 10 Academic History Course CHC210 with the specific expectation B2.3 explored through the lens of the Winnipeg General Strike. This goal was accomplished using ...
    • World Histories Since The 15th Century: Communities, Conflict and Cooperation 

      Tejpal, Shawna; Morris, Evelyn; Altomare, Erica (2017-03-13)
      This resource pack contains four unique lessons that look at communities on different continents: North America, Europe, Africa. These lessons, although very different, share a common theme of looking a both world issues ...

      McGugan, Camilla; Hummel, Anni; Warren, Blaine (2017-03-13)
      Four lessons which incorporate a multitude of primary sources and images, often with an emphasis on experiential learning. These lessons aim to engage learners by involving them within a historic activity or event, as ...
    • World History since the Fifteenth Century: Tudor England 

      Zhou, Sophie; Sohn, Aleeza; Potvin, Dara (2017-03-13)
      This resource pack focuses on the internal struggles of Tudor England, particularly during the reigns of Henry VIII, Mary I, and Elizabeth I. Although a significant portion of this resource pack explores the causes, ...
    • World History: The West and the World 

      Ash, Mackenzie; Sherman, Laura (2015-04-25)
    • World War I and Wartime Canada Through the Lens of The Big Six 

      McCarthy, Meg; Lewis, Vicky (2015-04-25)
      The purpose of this unit is to provide students with an in-depth understanding of Canada in World War I and World War I on a global scale. Lesson one focuses on the concept Evidence, as students will look at different ...
    • World War II and its Impact on Canadians 

      Lee, Rebeka; Forbes, Joanna (2014-07-22)
    • WORLD WAR II: How We Got There and What it Meant for Canada 

      McNeill, Katie-Marie; Marraccini, Chris (2015-04-20)
      This Resource Pack explores the global political, economic, and social events preceding the Second World War and also explores significant Canadian consequences from this conflict. These lessons emphasize a student-centered ...
    • World War II: The Homefront: Crash Course US History 

      Guggino, Renee; Porco, Nicole (2014-07-21)
      Learning Outcomes include: To introduce the topic of Canada in WWII and the effects that different Canadian groups experienced; to identify which groups of individuals within Canada were the most influenced by the Second ...
    • WWII 

      Arkles, Mary Gilaine; Brinke, Krista Ten (2014-07-22)
    • WWII Primary Resource Kit 

      Deagle, Andrew; McMahon, Mark (2014-01-20)
      WWII Primary Resource Kit.