• China's Quest for an Ecologically Sustainable Culture 

      Miller, James (Atlantic-Community.org, 2009-09-06)
      China has to consider its environmental future and must look to concepts of sustainability to do so. With the indigenous religion of Taoism Beijing has the tools it needs to foster a culture of sustainability.
    • Envisioning the Daoist Body in the Economy of Cosmic Power 

      Miller, James (Daedalus, 2001)
      The essay considers the relevance of Daoism to thinking about the place of human beings in the world in the light of global climate change.
    • Humans Must Conquer Nature: Philosophical and Religious Sources of China’s Anti-Environmental Ideology 

      Miller, James (Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, Shanghai, 2010)
      Traditional Chinese philosophy is well known for its monistic cosmology in which heaven, earth, and human beings are mutually implicated in an evolving organic process known as the Way (dao). This vision is broadly shared ...
    • Notes on a Symposium: Undisciplined 2015 

      Klassen, Lois; Kolluoğlu, Poyraz; MacDougall, Nicole; Magazzeni, Carina; McKenzie-Naish, Jamie; Saifer, Adam; White, Amanda (2016-04-07)
      This publication is a culmination of articles and reviews submitted by Queen's University students in response to the Cultural Studies Graduate Symposium, Undisciplined 2015.
    • Of Alchemy and Authenticity:Teaching About Daoism Today 

      Miller, James; Siegler, Elijah (Teaching Theology and Religion, 2007)
      The authors discuss the complexities and responsibilities of teaching about Daoism in contemporary North American colleges and universities. Expanding and revising the findings of Kirkland (1998), they argue that enough ...
    • A Sociedade Taoísta do Brasil e a globalização do Daoismo da Ortodoxia Unitária 

      Murray, Daniel; Miller, James (2015-12)
      Fora de contexto cultural chinês, o Daoísmo é frequentemente associado a práticas de cultivo físico, tais como qìgōng ou tàijí quán, em vez de linhagens tradicionais de Quánzhēn ou Zhèngyī e como uma religião hierarquicamente ...
    • 生态学,美学与道教修炼 

      Miller, James (学术研究 Journal of Academic Research, 2010-04)
      This paper proposes that Daoist body cultivation can be used as a means to develop an ecological sensitivity. It does so by examining Daoist body cultivation in the light of Merleau-Ponty's phenomenology of the body, and ...